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The archers from 32 countries members of the Asian Archery Federation (AAF) would enliven the Asian Archery Championship-16 which will take place in Bali on 15 to 21 November.

From 32 countries, estimated as many as 370 athletes will perform accompanied by 80 coaches, 90 officials, 150 nonofisial and 20 media from participants. This event will compare the two numbers recurve and compound.

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Celuk, Art Shop Kanaka Silver, Celuk, Sukawati, Gianyar thief burglarized. Jewelry penden snakes and peacocks worth USD $ 10 million missing from its storage place.

According to I Wayan Adi Sutarwan, Art Shop owner, he only learned of this incident on Thursday (8 / 10) at 07.00 Wita.

At that time, he was an alternative treatment suddenly got a call that his office broken into.

Wayan straight home. Once checked into his office, the door is open.

Deeper checked it penden silver jewelry snakes and peacocks with 1575 grams of weight lost.

Related to this issue, it reported directly to Mapolsek Sukawati.

Police Pahumas Gianyar, Kompol I Gde Sujana permission Gianyar police chief, I Nyoman Astawa AKBP justify this incident.

"The perp is still at large, we are still examining the witnesses," he said.

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Ubud, a top Hollywood Artist, Julia Robert, in the near future due to conduct filming Eat, Pray, Love Monkey Forest in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. In the forest is filled with apes, she will disyuting ride around the forest.

"Yes, indeed we heard a shooting plan famous Hollywood star, Julia Robert's in the Monkey Forest. Even his team've come to check the location. Artist's plans to ride a bike going around the forest monkey forest, "said I Made Selamet, Manager Object Object Monkey Forest when met Thursday (8 / 10).

Furthermore Slamet said the shooting was related to the plan, but has visited the set of Ubud Market and Monkey Forest. Survey team filming Eat, Pray, Love also has been to Puri Ubud.

The arrival of this team to discuss further plans about filming starring Julia Robert's beautiful artist.

"Apart from Monkey Forest, I heard Ubud Traditional Market is also used as the object set, and I also heard that if filming would be started on 15 October to 3 November," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the citizens of Mumbai, I Made Sujana proud because Ubud used as objects of filming Hollywood production starring Julia Robert's caliber artists.

"This is very positive impact on the development of tourism Ubud and Bali," he said

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Singaraja, the daughter of a high school student in Buleleng today report to Mapolres Buleleng. He squeezed her breasts to report a stranger as he passed on the road Ngurah Rai Singaraja.

In his report, urges AR (17) stated her breasts squeezed by strangers as they travel on Jalan Ngurah Rai Singaraja.

"Victims feel violated by the actions of the unknown, so the case is immediately reported to Mapolres Buleleng as sexual harassment cases," said the Buleleng Police Public Relations Officer, Kompol I Made Sudirsa.

Perpetrators of abuse action is not known for certain, however, police still trying to pengungkapkan the sexual abuse cases.

Action took place during the morning exercise, had not identified the perpetrators and we are still investigating, "said Sudirsa.

In his report on Mapolres Buleleng, AR urges victims with colleagues, across the street Ngurah Rai Singaraja.

Victims who want to Ngurah Rai Field for sports, was suddenly approached by a man not known. Not only approached, the man was immediately directed idle hands toward 'nyonyo' or the victim's breasts.

Conducted in the handling of NOP Sat Reskrim Unit Buleleng Police, the victim and several witnesses had heard his statement. While the perpetrators of this unscrupulous action has not been identified the police.

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Tabanan, Having claimed four lives due to rabies in Tabanan, Ni Nyoman turn Sekarini (49) citizens of Majapahit street number 29, Banjar Dinas Kamasan, Dajan Peken village, Tabanan became the fifth victim of a mad dog malignancy, Wednesday (7 / 10).

Sekarini pronounced dead at would be referred to the RSUP Sanglah after treatment at hospitals mejalani Ship. Previous Sekarini neighbor had been bitten by dogs on July 15 and on the calf of his right leg.

As a result of dog bites are taken to Sekarini Hospital Dharma Kerti, Tabanan. He also got 20 jaritan on kananya calf bite wounds.

"At that time new mothers home from the fields, but was suddenly bitten by neighbor's dog," explained the child victim Sariani Putu Eka (13) as found in the funeral home.

When itupula victim was rushed to the hospital and get the Dharma Kerti 20 jaritan. Ajing bite wound that was healed and the victim usually can work a case. And pengabenan husband can prepare about 17 days ago.

But since two days ago claiming victims in pain in the calves kananya feet in the former neighbor's dog bites. Victims also experienced dizziness, cramps and nausea. On the victim's complaint and then asked to return to his native village in the evening Village, Badung regency.

Victims could be treated in the doctor's practice in the evening the village, but his condition worsened. Victims then rushed to the Hospital Ship, Badung regency. The ship arrived at the hospitals directly referred to the victim RSUP Sanglah.

But on the way to trigger RSUP Sanglah victim died. Recananya dead victims will be buried next five days in the local cemetery.

Since August 2009 to October's five victims died from rabies in Tabanan

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Kecak is a typical Balinese performing arts that was created in 1930 and played mainly by men. This dance performed by many (tens or more) male dancers who sit in a circle and lined with a certain rhythm called "top" and raised both arms, depicting the Ramayana as Rama's line of apes help fight Ravana. However, Kecak Trance Dance ritual comes from, the tradition of dance that the dancers will be in unconscious condition, to communicate with God or the spirits of the ancestors and then convey their expectations to the community.

The dancers in the circle is wearing a plaid cloth like a chessboard their waist. Besides the dancers, there were other dancers who portray the characters as Rhama Ramayana, Shinta, Ravana, Hanoman, and Sugriva.

Kecak dance songs taken from the ritual dances Trance. Also, do not use musical instruments. Kincringan used only imposed on the feet of dancers who portray the characters Ramayana.

Around the 1930s Wayan modulus worked with German painter Walter Spies to create a tradition based Kecak Dance Trance and parts of the Ramayana story. Wayan modulus at popularizing this dance around the world in the entourage of his Balinese dancers.

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October 10th 2009, Area: Kerambitan, Pejaten, Tibu Biyu, Bongan, Jl. Mawar, Pandak Bandung, Pandak Gede, Nyanyi, Beraban, Tanah Lot, LP Kerobokan, Marlboro Barat, Pengubengan Kangin, Jl. Batu Belig, Villa Sentosa, Peti Tenet, Uma Alas, STO Kerobokan, Raya Kerobokan, Jl. Pemuda, Tukad Badung, Tukad Buaji, Tukad Yeh Aya, Tukad Musik, Pekerisan, Undiknas, Tukad Pancoran, Lurah Sidakarya, Jl. Sudirman Selatan, Telkom Sudirman, Kampus Santo Yosep, Kampus Unud, Jl. Banyusari, Jl. Diponegoro Seputaran Sanglah, Br. Bualu, Perum Siligita, Kampial, Sawangan, Kutuh, Unggasan, Uluwatu, Balangan, Puri Gading, GWK

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Bali or also known as the Island of the Gods is one of the provinces in Indonesia. In the English language is also often referred to as Morning of the World, The Last Paradise, and many other fine titles.

Famous for its natural beauty and unique culture of the society which is dominated by the Hindu religion, Bali is never devoid of traffic, both local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy natural beauty while on holiday. No less than the few tourists, especially foreign tourists decided to stay in Bali and make Bali as her second home.

In Bali you can also satisfy the desire to shop as much, especially for shopping Bali handicraft products. These products you can bring home as a souvenir for friends, family or other relatives after a holiday from the island of Bali.

Here many hotels scattered Diamond class star hotels, such as Bali Hilton International, The Ritz Carlton Bali, Alila Ubud, and much more. But for those who want to vacation in Bali with a limited budget do not worry because the Balinese are also a lot of available hotels jasmine class hotels throughout the area of Kuta, Sanur or Legian.

Denpasar is the capital of Bali province, and can say that this is the only area in Bali to earn the title city. Although it does not mean other areas are like Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua is a quiet area, opposite the area of this region is hemp because it becomes the most favorite tourist destinations around the world.

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Oleg can mean graceful movement, while the mean tambulilingan nectar-sucking bugs. Tari Oleg Tambulilingan movements describe a beetle, which was playing around and entirely mixed-romance with a flower in a garden. This dance is very beautiful.

Tari Oleg Tambulilingan, which was originally called Tambulilingan Mangisep Sari, a creation I Ketut Mario of Tabanan in 1952 at the request of John Coast (of America).

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The global financial crisis affecting the developed countries in the world eventually affect tourism. The World Tourism Organization or the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in its release last mentioned, 2009 was the year of international tourism experienced a decline or negative growth of -6.1%.
Overseas Marketing Director Prof. Depbudpar. Dr. Gde Pitana revealed, Indonesia should be grateful because the national tourism growth of 1.4% positive. Is somewhat special achievement when compared to others in Asia kompetiror the negative growth, especially Thailand which has decreased approximately 16%.
However, we still lost to the visiting Malaysia grew 4.1% wismannya. Telepas from comparisons between countries, which boast, Bali foreign tourist can gain high enough. In the period of January - August 2009 of foreign tourists visiting Bali up approximately 18.34% compared to the same period last year.
"So in general, Indonesia's tourism base in the right track. It certainly is good thanks to the synergy between government, tourism industry and the community," said Prof.. Pitana when contacted Wednesday (7 / 10). He hoped, this momentum can be maintained for the next five years more to increase tourism Indonesia.

English Barometer
Prof. Pitana added, Europe remains one of the main markets and the UK has become a barometer in Europe. That is why, Indonesia as far as possible was always an international event in London, the World Travel Market (WTM). The WTM this year was held October 9 to 12 is the largest tourism exhibition to-2 in the world after the ITB Berlin.
"English is the main market of established and has a major influence on the secondary market of other European Union countries will need a sense of presence for the presence of Indonesia," said Prof.. Pitana. British tourists are also known to have high spending power and length of stay of a longer and has a broad network.
Data Disparda Bali, British tourists to visit Bali in the last 5 years to fluctuate, but in 2005, 2007 and 2008 increased 36.54%, 12.85%, and 16.37%. Each year not less than 62.7 million British citizens who travel abroad. Of that amount, only 0.25% of visits to Indonesia and 0.13% visit to Bali. (056)

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Legian beach is one of the famous beach in Bali. Sunsetnya addition, the beach is renowned as a good place to berpolo water, or meditate. Location of the beach is very close to Kuta. So that was difficult to determine the boundary between the two beaches. But it is clear, the beach is not seramai Kuta, although many hotels and bungalows scattered around a lot.

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Kuta is located in the southern island of Bali, is one of the forerunners of tourism development of Bali. Formerly this place was a fishing village Bali and Indonesia as the development of tourism and Bali in particular, local residents began renting a private house for rent as a place of lodging.

Kuta began to be known as the traders from the Danish open trade representative office here. Trade relationship that exists between trade representatives with the original indigenous population and growing rapidly.

A new beginning in the year 1930 a married couple from California Americans very impressed with the beauty of Kuta beach, who was completely untouched human intervention, aka natural. Kuta Beach Hotel is the first hotel that stood in this area, but unfortunately had to shut down because the Japanese army invaded the island of Bali at the time. In 1960 when many Australian tourists who had to stop in Bali for a trip to Europe, Kuta began increasingly recognized again. In the process, the more interesting areas of Kuta tourist visits not only from Australia, but also from many other parts of the world.

Quickly hotels stand along the Kuta beach area. Usually the hotels area of this international standard, or at least an international hotel group. Starting from the beginning of the end of Kuta Beach Inna Kuta B are each Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Mercure Hotel, etc.. Also stands a very comfortable inn boutique style resort is Kulkul Nature Boutique and Resort.

The most crowded time at Kuta beach is kawansan in the evening or during sunset (sunset). All the tourists whether local or foreign tourists gathered into one here. Moreover, there are special moments in the country such as school holidays, vacations Lebaran or Idul Fitri holidays new year, it could certainly become increasingly crowded.

In Kuta beach, visitors can make surfing or surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes of Western tourists watched the sun. If interested in services or hair ponytail temporary tattoo, it also can be found at this beach.

Kuta area has now developed into an icon of tourism Bali or better known as the International city because it is a meeting place of tourists from all over the world and also local tourists.

In terms of Kuta facility has complete facilities. Inns or hotels, restaurants, spas and other tourism supporting many can be here too.

Kuta beach is a tourist place that many choose to spend vacation in Kuta. White sand beach was chosen as a place to surf and sport is also very suitable for a place to relax while waiting for the beauty of Kuta beach sunset. Not one of thousands of tourists this beach is always crowded.

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Legong Kraton is a classical Balinese dance that has pembendaharaan highly complex motion and bound by the structure of percussion accompaniment that supposedly under the influence of the Dance Gambuh. Legong Keraton word consists of two words namely legong and courts. Legong said probably derived from the word "leg" which means a flexible dance. Graceful. While the "gong" means gambelan. "Leg" and "gong" which combined means legong bound movement, terutamaaksentuasinya by the accompanying gambelan.

So Legong Keraton is a dance palace diiiringi by gambelan. The title is a court legong subsequent developments. There is the presumption that the Legong Kraton Dance comes from Sang Hyang development.

At first legong from Sang Hyang Dance which is a dance improvisation and improvised movements were organized, composed according to the pattern or structure of pegambuhan (gambelan). Gerakaan-dance movement that built this Palace Dance gambelan adjusted so that the dance becomes a beautiful dance, dynamic, and abstract. Gambelan who used to accompany this dance in the performing arts, new packaging is gong gambelan Kebyar.

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In Bali is the type of farming livelihoods disawah. The main livelihood began to shift in the types of non-agricultural livelihoods. This shift occurred because of that in the present with the development of tourism industry in Bali, so they began developing well considered, especially in the population livelihoods.

So most people sell their land to the tourism industry experienced greater and faster enjoyable. Revenues are currently derived mostly from non-agricultural livelihoods, such as: builders, drivers, industrial, and household crafts. Household handicraft industry such as flour leading skid, skid coconut, rice penyosohan, business or sewing embroidery.

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Gong Kebyar is a new barungan. In accordance with the name given to this barungan (Kebyar a meaningful fast, sudden and loud) gamelan music produced loud and dynamic. The gamelan is used to accompany dance or play percussion instrumental. Physically Kebyar Gong is the development of the Gong Gede then reduced role, or reduction of several instruments. For example, the role of Gong Gebyar trompong reduced, even in certain percussion percussion-not used at all, a bladed squatting gangsa converted into 5-bladed gangsa pendant 9 or 10. cengceng kopyak consisting of 4 to 6 pairs changed to 1 or 2 sets of small cengceng. Kendang originally played by using the hip replaced with a buffet.

In concept Kebyar Gong is a combination of Gender Wayang, Gong Gede and Pelegongan. Musical flavors and stroke patterns Kebyar Gong instruments sometimes feels Gender Wayang a lively, solid or Gedeyang Gong Pelegonganyang melodic. Gender Wayang Gagineman patterns, patterns and blow Gegambangan Gong Gede Kaklenyongan appeared in various percussion Gong Kebyar. Gamelan Gong Kebyar is a product of modern Balinese culture. It is estimated Barungan appeared in Singaraja in the year 1915 (McPhee, 1966: 328). Village mention the origin of the appearance of Kebyar Gong is Jagaraga (Buleleng) who also started the tradition Kebyar. There are also other information which states that Gong Kebyar appears first in the village Bungkulan (Buleleng). Gong Kebyar development reaches a peak in 1925 with the arrival of a dancer named Jauk I Mario of Tabanan that creates a sit dance or Kebyar Kebyar Trompong.

Gong Kebyar barreled pelog five tones and most of the instruments have a 10 to 12 tones, because the construction of lighter instrument if dibandingkandengan Gong Gede. Percussion, percussion Gong Kebyar more agile with the composition of a more free, only on certain parts only laws of classical percussion is still used, such as Pisan Hit, Hit Two, Hit Telu and so on.

His songs are often the re-cultivation of the forms (repertoire) classical percussion with changing composition, melody, tempo and melodic ornamentation. Matra not always consistent, odd rhythm pattern emerged in some parts of percussion composition.

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Barong dance which is danced by two male dancers, one plays the head of the barong and the front legs, and a longer playing the hind legs and tail. Barong animal-shaped lot mytologi this kind, there is a head-shaped head of a lion, tiger, wild boar male (Bangkal), elephant, ox or keket. Keket by the Balinese considered the king of the forest which is also known by the name of King Banaspati.

This dance is a Pre-Hindu cultural heritage that uses puppets quadruped form or by early humans who have magical powers. Barong word allegedly comes from the word mean bahrwang or bears, an animal mythology that has magic powers, considered as a protector. But in Bali Barong in fact not only in bringing the four-legged animals but there is also a two-legged. Barong mask made of wood taken from haunted places such as tombs, and therefore an object sacred Barong highly purified by Balinese Hindu community. This dance with or without the script, always begins with a demonstration performances accompanied by gamelan different as gamelan Gong Kebyar, Babarongan gamelan and gamelan Batel.

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Bali mostly using Balinese and Indonesian, the majority of Balinese people are bilingual or even Trilingual. English is the third and the main foreign language for the people of Bali who are influenced by the needs of the tourism industry. Bahasa Bali is divided into 2 ie, the language is the language Bali Aga which pronunciation is more rough, and Balinese Mojopahit.yaitu language pronunciation smoother.

Banjar or be referred to as the village is a form of social units based on territorial integrity. Social unity is strengthened by the unity of customs and religious ceremonies. Banjar klian banjar dikepalahi by serving as concerning all matters in the field of social and religious life, but often also have to solve problems that include the customary law of land, and the things that nature of government administration.

People of Bali have been known and developed system of irrigation systems that regulate subak irrigation and planting in the rice fields. And they also are familiar with the architecture of the room layout and building a building resembling Feng Shui. Architecture is an expression of communicative and educative symbol. Balinese also has a traditional weapon of one of the keris. In addition to self-defense, according to the trust if the heirloom kris soaked in water can heal people affected by a poisonous animal bites.

a). Marriage
Withdrawal lineage in Balinese society is patrilineal lead. Caste system strongly influenced the duration of a marriage, because a woman who marries a higher chestnut with chestnut man is not justified lower because there is a deviation, which would shame the family and drop all the prestige of the child's caste women.
In some areas Bali (not all areas), shall also apply customary dowry transfer (petuku luh), but now especially among families learned men, have disappeared.
b). Kinship
Customary settlement after marriage retreat influence of kinship relationships in a society. There are 2 kinds of customs that often act settled the customary retreat is customary virilokal justify newlyweds settled near the center of kin husband's residence, and the custom is customary neolokal determine newlyweds lived alone place the new residence. In Bali there are 3 major clan groups (triwangsa), namely: Brahmin as the leader of the ceremony, the Knights are: group-specific klompok like arya Kepakisan and Jaba is as religious leaders.
c). Community
Village, a community of people living unit bali 2 includes the notion, namely: traditional villages and the village office (administrative). Both are a union territory in connection with any religion or customs, while the village is the unity admistratif service. Traditional village activities focused on the areas of customs and religious ceremonies, while the rural service centers on the administration, governance and development.

E. Livelihoods
Bali society in general the majority of their livelihood farming, on the ground that rainfall is good enough, especially pertenakan cows and pigs as an important business in the rural community in Bali, both land and sea fisheries, which is odd pecaharian eyes, handicraft making handicraft items including woven , sculpture, fabrics, carvings, percetakaan, coffee factories, cigarette factories, etc.. Efforts in this field to provide employment to the population. Since many tourists who visit Bali so it has the hospitality business, travel, crafts shops.

The religion embraced by the majority of Balinese are Hindus about 95%, of the total population of Bali, while the remaining 5% are adherents of Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Hinduism life goal is to achieve balance and peace batin.orang live birth and 1 Hindus believe in the existence of God in the form of the concept of Trimurti, namely the form of Brahmin (the creator), the form of Vishnu (the protector and guardian), and the form of Shiva (the destroyer) . Places of worship called a temple retreat. Places where ancestor worship is called prop. Hindu scriptures are the Vedas are originated from India.

People who died in a Hindu ceremony was held sanggat Ngaben deemed essential to free the spirits of people who had died from his worldly ties to heaven. Ngaben itself is a cremation ceremony. The Feast of the people of Hindu religion is the practice in the Nyepi celebrations of new year on 1st pillars of the month 10 (kedasa), but it is also Galungan, brass, saras wati, Tumpek Landep, Tumpek uduh, and Siwa ratri.

Guidelines for the teaching of Hinduism namely: (1). Tattwa (religious philosophy), (2). Ethics (moral), (3). Ceremony (yadnya). There are 5 kinds of retreat ceremony (panca yadnya), namely (1). Yadnya human pregnancy is ceremony into adulthood. (2). Pitra Yadnya addressed the ceremony to the spirits of ancestors. (3). Dewa Yadnya the ceremony held at the temple / shrine family. (4). Rsi yadnya yaituupacara in order of appointment of a clergyman. (5). Bhuta yadnya the ceremony for the spirits of people around the delicate human disturbing.

Cultural arts in Bali on 3 main sections classify the visual arts such as painting, sculpture, arsistektur arts, performing arts such as dance, literary arts, performing arts, music, and art audiovisual arts such as video and film.

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Bali comes from the word "Bal" in Sanskrit means "Strength", and "Bali" means "sacrifice" which means that we do not forget our strength. So we are always ready to make sacrifices. Bali has 2 national hero who was instrumental in maintaining the area I Gusti Ngurah Rai and I Gusti Ketut Jelantik.

Island of Bali is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands of thousands of Denpasar. Nearby Places Ubud Other important as the art center is located in Gianyar regency, while Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua is a place that became a tourist destination, both tourism and resort beaches. Bali tribe is divided into 2, namely: Bali Aga (original Balinese people used to live in the area Trunyan), and Bali Mojopahit (Balinese Hindu / Balinese descent Mojopahit).

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A total of 21 units of houses in Kampung Baru, Tuban, Kuta, Bali, burned to death when he was left going home the occupant. There are no fatalities in this fire.. XD

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Nyepi Day is celebrated every year New Caka (Caka turn of the year). Ie on the day Tilem Kesanga (IX) which is the day pesucian Gods in the central core of the ocean that brings living water Sarining (Tirtha Amertha Kamandalu). To the Hindu holy worship of these gods.

The main purpose of Nyepi is pleading kehadapan God Almighty, to purify Bhuwana Alit (human nature) and Bhuwana Great (the universe). Circuit Nyepi celebrations are as follows:

1. Tawur (Pecaruan), Pengrupukan, and Melasti.

The day before Nyepi, namely the "ping 14 Sasih panglong Kesanga" Hindus Yadnya Butha ceremony at a traffic and environment of each house, by taking salahg one of the types of "caru" according to his ability. Bhuta Yadnya respectively named; Panca Sata (small), Panca Kinsman (was), and Tawur Great (large).

Tawur or pecaruan itself a purification / pemarisudha Bhuta Kala, and all 'leteh' (dirty), hopefully everything vanished.

Caru conducted in each house consists of; foreign rice color (five colors) amounted to 9 duel / package, side dishes chicken brumbun (colored) tetabuhan with wine / wine. Yadnya Bhuta is addressed to the King Bhuta, Bhuta Kala Kala and Lord, by pleading that they do not disturb people.

Mecaru After the ceremony continued with pengerupukan, namely: spread-spread Tawur rice, torch-obori house and all the yard, house and yard menyemburi with mesui, and objects hitting anything (usually wide band) to quiet noisy / rowdy. This stage is to expel the Bhuta Kala from the home environment, yards, and environment.

Particularly in Bali, at this pengrupukan usually enlivened by a parade of ogoh-ogoh Bhuta Kala is a manifestation of being paraded around the neighborhood, and then burned. The goal at the Bhuta Kala expelled from the surrounding environment.

Then performed the sweep all Melasti leteh (gross) into the ocean, and purify "pretima". Done at sea, because the sea (ocean) is considered as a source Amertha Tirtha (Dewa Ruci, and Pemuteran Mandaragiri). No later than the Tilem afternoon, pelelastian done.

2. Nyepi

next day, on "panglong ping 15" (Tilem Kesanga), it was Hari Raya Nyepi. On this day done fast / peberatan Nyepi called Chess Beratha Penyepian and consists of; observed geni (no berapi-api/tidak use and / or the fire), observed the work (not working), observed lelungan (no travel) and observe lelanguan (do not listen to entertainment). This Beratha done since before sunrise.

According to the Hindus, all the things that are transitional, always preceded by a dark omen. For example a baby who will move into the children (1 oton / 6 months), the symbol is realized with 'matekep guwungan' (closed Sangkat chicken). Women who move from childhood to adult (Ngeraja Sewala), the ceremony was preceded by ngekep (dipingit).

So for the new period, followed by a new birth, which really began with a new page white. To start life in Caka / barupun years, this base is used, so there is time geni observed.

What is more important than than the symbol-a symbol of birth was (observed geni), according to Gama is Lontar Sundari memutihbersihkan heartstrings, and it is a must for Hindus.

Each of the men of knowledge (the wruhing tatwa dnjana) conduct; Bharata (curbing the passions), yoga (connecting people with paramatma (God), tapas (suffering endurance training), and samadhi (single entity to the Lord / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi), which aims born inner purity).

All of it becomes imperative for Hindus, so that will have inner readiness to face any challenge life in the new year. The habit of celebrating Hari Raya with the spree, gambling, drinking habits is something wrong and should be changed.

3. Ngembak Geni (Ngembak Fire)

Last of the celebration of Nyepi is a day that Ngembak Geni date falls on a ping linings (1) Sasih kedasa (X). On the day This is the new year begins Caka. Hindus bersilahturahmi with large families and neighbors, I'm sorry forgive each other (ksama), one another.

With the new atmosphere, new life will begin with a clean white hearts. So if the year ends each BC December 31, and the new year begins January 1st, the year ended panglong Caka limolas ping (15) Sasih kedasa (X), and the new year began on 1 Sasih kedasa (X).

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Activities "XIII Nusa Dua Fiesta 2009" which will be held at the international tourist resort of Nusa Dua, Bali followed by 20 provinces in Indonesia took place on 17-21 October 2009.

In the exhibition organizers provide at least 100 booths.

Exhibition stands are designed for district / city in the country who come show off their craft work best.

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Denpasar: Bali Provincial Government held the annual agenda of the arts party island resort, Saturday (13 / 6). The event was held to promote cultural tourism in Bali, as well as increase the number of foreign tourists visit. Although every year is held, the enthusiasm of the community and tourists, especially in Denpasar, not loose. Thousands of visitors crowded into the street where this cultural parade, which starts from the front to ward Sabha Jaya Taman Budaya Denpasar.

Feast of art which cost billions of dollars are followed by thousands of artists from various regions in the island resort as well as from several other provinces. At this party you can enjoy the artistic expression of the people of Bali, a child's play, youth who entered a period of romance until the procession "Ngaben", ie the cremation of the deceased person.

Cultural parade also featured attractions arts from various other areas in Indonesia, such as Lampung, Kalimantan and East Java. For East Java is represented by the appearance of Gresik Reog Ponorogo.

Friendly countries like Japan, too memeriahkannya. Participants from the State Sakura presents their original culture that is demonstrating a samurai sword play movement techniques. Uniquely, the Balinese artists to accompany the action of the Japanese samurai with Balinese gamelan

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Well, it’s on again and for anyone being on holidays in Bali at this time you are in for one fabulous treat. If last year’s Kuta Karnival is anything to go by then this year’s is definitely going to be even better and judging by their website and the events on offer, it is going to be one heck of a fun time. The 7th annual international Kuta Karnival will be held on the sands of Kuta Beach and attracts thousands of people from all over the world. It is a whole week of fun, food, music, sporting events and there are many other attractions as well. It is a community event held in the highest of spirits ad one event not to be missed; especially for the kids. Besides the activities on the beach there are also street parades. The Kuta Karnival truly is a celebration of life with fun and activities for all ages
Upcoming Bali's 7th international event - Kuta Karnival will be held on 19th - 27th September 2009 at Kuta Beach Bali.

According to the Kuta Karnival website some of the events include: Opening Ceremony with Turtle Release and Paddle for Peace, Kite Festival, Puja Shanti, “Morning of the Earth” Yoga, Mepantigan Balinese Martial Art, Bali Hotels Association’s Bartender Competition, Graffiti Cartoon Expose, T-Shirt Cartoon Competition, Sunset Dances, Mini Cartoon Exhibition, Youth Race, Movie Screening, Barong Reptile Show, Street Art & Sand Sculpture Competition, SFO and Oakley present Open Stage, Kuta Young Architects, Youth Info Centre, Raremotion Artist Series, Bali Blogger Community, Environment Day, Surfer Girl Presents the Surfer Girl Big Splash ‘09, Cardinal Music Awards, Bali Food Festival, Fishing Fun and Street Parade.
With all those events happening, you can’t help but have a fabulous time. See You The

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Balinese calendars, with exemplifications for each day signaling what activities that day is favorable for, are popular souvenirs. Apart from the everyday Western calendar, the Balinese also use two local calendars, the saka and the wuku calendar. The wuku calendar is used to fix festival dates. The calendar uses 10 different weeks, each by one to 10 days and all running at the same time.

The Galungan festival, Bali's major fete, is held throughout the island and is an annual event in the wuku year. During this ten day historic period all the gods, including the sovereign deity Sanghyang Widi, come down to earth for the celebrations. Barongs prance from temple to temple and village to village. The last and most important day of the ten day fete is called Kuningan.

Hindu saka calendar is a lunar cycle that more intimately follows our own year in terms of the length of the year. Nyepi is a major festival of the saka year, it's the last day of the year, the day after the new moon on the ninth month.

The Nyepi jubilations start on the day of the Dead Moon, when "Tawur Agung Kesanga" (Great Sacrificial Ceremony) rituals' are held in welcoming the "Nyepi" holiday. The ritual will be followed by procession of "Ogoh-Ogoh" (huge monster dolls) representing evil spirits along the village and city roads in the eventide.

"Nyepi" Day is a Holiday and a day of absolute silence through out the island when no activity takes place, no traffic is seen anyplace, no fire is lit. It's the day of self-introspection for Hindhu followers - the evil feelings are tricked into thinking that the entire island is deserted and therefore go away. On this day you will not be permitted to leave your hotel - most hotels and hangouts will operate with reduced staff and some services may be affected such as room service, limited restaurant hours. The airport is also officially came together.

Nyepi Day comparable certain major temples festivals are ascertained by the saka rather than the wuku calendar. This causes the actual date difficult to influence from our calendar since the lunar saka does not follow a fixed number of days like the wuku calendar. The full moons around the end of September to the commencing of October or from early to mid-April are often the times for authoritative temple festivals.

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Doing a little research before you travel is an important thing that is often forgotten. By doing research we can find some things we need to prepare before coming to a particular destination. However, many people are often confused about what things to know before you go.

Here are 10 important things you must know before going to vacation.

* Learn as much as possible about the place to be visited. What are the attractions and places of interest there. That way you can determine the priority of the places where it should disambangi.
* Check how the weather in a place that will be visited. Thus, you can adjust the appropriate travel plans, for example regarding the wearing clothes, medicines must be prepared.
* Both also find out the latest socio-political conditions in place. Do not until you get stuck in the airport due to sabotage the demonstrators.
* Find out whether you need a need a passport for entry into certain countries. Make sure your passport is still valid. Some states do not allow strangers in if the passport validity period of six months to live. Extend your passport at least six months prior to expiration exhausted.
* In addition to a passport, check whether you need a visa or not to enter certain countries.
* Make sure all documents you everything you need during the trip.
* Find information about the plug that is used in the country you are visiting. Some countries have a different plug types. Indonesia using the plug two-legged, while the three-legged in America. If you visit the country that uses a three-legged plug your converter means.
* If you want to travel alone or did not join in group travel agent terteritu, cariah information about the local cost of local transportation. That way you can plan a good trip costs. Do not forget also to ensure tax collection and customs tips in place.
* Find information about the value of currencies and countries to be visited. This is important to plan the necessary travel expenses.
* It's also good to find out if there is a national holiday during your visit to that place. Because, usually a number of public offices closed on Iayanan day holiday. Do you sampal occurred Iayanan dither for public office while you are hard pressed close to completing an interest in that place.

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