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The global financial crisis affecting the developed countries in the world eventually affect tourism. The World Tourism Organization or the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in its release last mentioned, 2009 was the year of international tourism experienced a decline or negative growth of -6.1%.
Overseas Marketing Director Prof. Depbudpar. Dr. Gde Pitana revealed, Indonesia should be grateful because the national tourism growth of 1.4% positive. Is somewhat special achievement when compared to others in Asia kompetiror the negative growth, especially Thailand which has decreased approximately 16%.
However, we still lost to the visiting Malaysia grew 4.1% wismannya. Telepas from comparisons between countries, which boast, Bali foreign tourist can gain high enough. In the period of January - August 2009 of foreign tourists visiting Bali up approximately 18.34% compared to the same period last year.
"So in general, Indonesia's tourism base in the right track. It certainly is good thanks to the synergy between government, tourism industry and the community," said Prof.. Pitana when contacted Wednesday (7 / 10). He hoped, this momentum can be maintained for the next five years more to increase tourism Indonesia.

English Barometer
Prof. Pitana added, Europe remains one of the main markets and the UK has become a barometer in Europe. That is why, Indonesia as far as possible was always an international event in London, the World Travel Market (WTM). The WTM this year was held October 9 to 12 is the largest tourism exhibition to-2 in the world after the ITB Berlin.
"English is the main market of established and has a major influence on the secondary market of other European Union countries will need a sense of presence for the presence of Indonesia," said Prof.. Pitana. British tourists are also known to have high spending power and length of stay of a longer and has a broad network.
Data Disparda Bali, British tourists to visit Bali in the last 5 years to fluctuate, but in 2005, 2007 and 2008 increased 36.54%, 12.85%, and 16.37%. Each year not less than 62.7 million British citizens who travel abroad. Of that amount, only 0.25% of visits to Indonesia and 0.13% visit to Bali. (056)

Posted by Adith Dith Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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