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Legong Kraton is a classical Balinese dance that has pembendaharaan highly complex motion and bound by the structure of percussion accompaniment that supposedly under the influence of the Dance Gambuh. Legong Keraton word consists of two words namely legong and courts. Legong said probably derived from the word "leg" which means a flexible dance. Graceful. While the "gong" means gambelan. "Leg" and "gong" which combined means legong bound movement, terutamaaksentuasinya by the accompanying gambelan.

So Legong Keraton is a dance palace diiiringi by gambelan. The title is a court legong subsequent developments. There is the presumption that the Legong Kraton Dance comes from Sang Hyang development.

At first legong from Sang Hyang Dance which is a dance improvisation and improvised movements were organized, composed according to the pattern or structure of pegambuhan (gambelan). Gerakaan-dance movement that built this Palace Dance gambelan adjusted so that the dance becomes a beautiful dance, dynamic, and abstract. Gambelan who used to accompany this dance in the performing arts, new packaging is gong gambelan Kebyar.

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