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Barong dance which is danced by two male dancers, one plays the head of the barong and the front legs, and a longer playing the hind legs and tail. Barong animal-shaped lot mytologi this kind, there is a head-shaped head of a lion, tiger, wild boar male (Bangkal), elephant, ox or keket. Keket by the Balinese considered the king of the forest which is also known by the name of King Banaspati.

This dance is a Pre-Hindu cultural heritage that uses puppets quadruped form or by early humans who have magical powers. Barong word allegedly comes from the word mean bahrwang or bears, an animal mythology that has magic powers, considered as a protector. But in Bali Barong in fact not only in bringing the four-legged animals but there is also a two-legged. Barong mask made of wood taken from haunted places such as tombs, and therefore an object sacred Barong highly purified by Balinese Hindu community. This dance with or without the script, always begins with a demonstration performances accompanied by gamelan different as gamelan Gong Kebyar, Babarongan gamelan and gamelan Batel.

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